Flax Bell Ropes


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These type of bell ropes are made from flax yarn line throughout and are used in full circle ringing.
The sallies are typically 3 feet long ( 0.92M ).The sallies are made from pure wool and can be made from a single colour through to a combination of 3 colours. Longer length sallies can be made and are charged at £17.00 per 6 inch of extra sally.
All ropes are hand made on our ropewalk using high quality flax line yarn rope.

Colours available in any combination:

  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Gold
  • Dark Wine
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Light Wine
  • Light Blue

Flax yarn ropes price list.


Overall Rope Length Size No. 1 Up to 15CWT Size No. 2 Over 15CWT
30ft. (9.15m) £ 110.00 £ 120.00
35ft. (10.67m) £ 115.00 £ 125.00
40ft. (12.19m) £ 120.00 £ 130.00
45ft. (13.72m) £ 125.00 £ 135.00
50ft. (15.24m) £ 130.00 £ 140.00
55ft. (16.76m) £ 135.00 £ 145.00
60ft. (18.29m) £ 140.00 £ 150.00
65ft. (19.81m) £ 145.00 £ 155.00
70ft. (21.34m) £ 150.00 £ 160.00
75ft. (22.86m) £ 155.00 £ 165.00
80ft. (24.38m) £ 160.00 £ 170.00

Yorkshire tails ends: £30.00 extra per rope.

TREATED TOP ENDS (water proofing & rope treat).

The top ends of flax bell ropes can be treated with a water proofing solution for extra protection against damp conditions. This will cost an additional £8.50 per rope. Another form of protection against damp is to treat the top ends with rope treat. This is applied to top ends and is available for purchase to be applied by the purchaser at a cost of £25.00 per 1Ltr tub.


We offer a full repair service for flax bell ropes, including machine spliced new tail ends, new flax top ends, and replacing the flax top end with pre-stretched polyester.

The cost of repairing your rope with a new flax top end will be £35.00 for the machine splice, and an additional £1.30 for each foot of rope used. This cost applies for bellropes for bells that are under 15 cwt weight. For bellropes that are for bells over 15 cwt, the cost of the machine splice is the same but the cost of the rope used will be an additional £1.35 per foot.
We can replace flax top ropes with pre-stretched polyester rope, and this can only be done by hand splicing. The cost of a hand splice is £25.00 with an additional cost for the pre stretched polyester rope used of £1.35 per foot for 10mm diameter (suitable for bells up to 15 cwt), and £1.50 for 12mm diameter (suitable for bells over 15 cwt).

More info on repairing the tail end of your flax bell rope can be found further down this page.


We can supply a separate bottom end (sally and tail end) with approximately 6 feet of rope above the sally, ready to hand-splice onto an existing top rope. This offers a brand new sally with your choice of colours (a combination of up to 3 colours), and a new flax tail end. The cost of these are £110.00 per rope.


We can machine splice new tail ends onto existing flax ropes.

Size 1 & 2 @ £50.00 each


Individual tail ends, which are prepped for hand-splicing, at a cost of £20.00 for size 1 (up to 15cwt), and a cost of £23.00 for size 2 (over 15cwt).

A length of flax splicing rope, at a cost of £1.30 per foot for size 1 (up to 15cwt), and a cost of £1.35 per foot for size 2 (over 15cwt).

Soft leather sleeves, at a cost of £6.50 each.

Bell muffles, which we offer in two sizes. Standard size bell muffles at a cost of £47.00, and large size bell muffles at a cost of £60.00. In the event of the leather strap on your muffle breaking, we supply replacement buckles and ties. The cost of a replacement leather tie is £3.00 each, and the cost of a replacement leather strap with a buckle is £6.00 each.

Splicing tools £8.50 each.


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