Customers resident in the UK.

When customers are residents of the UK, we are required to charge VAT (Value Added Tax) on all purchases at the standard rate, even if those items are being sent to another country. In this case, it's the place of residence of the customer that is important, not the final destination of the goods.

Customers resident outside the UK.

When customers are resident outside the UK and order items from Ellis Ropes Ltd we do not charge VAT.


Carriage will be charged at the following rates:

  • 1 bellrope, chiming rope, or bellpull: £5.00 + vat each
  • 2-3 bellropes: £4.00 + vat each
  • 4-6 bellropes: £3.00 + vat each
  • More than 6 bellropes: £2.60 + vat each

Carriage will be charged for all overseas deliveries at cost.


We do not require any deposit with orders. Invoices will be sent with the ropes (UK only) where possible.

Payment can be made using cheque or bank transfer.

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